Soul То Soul About The Exchange Of War - Captives Between Bulgaria And Byzantium In The Early Medieval Epoch



There is not substantial reserve that in entire medieval epoch captured warriors and abducted non-combatants have been used as means of extracting the military, political and economic benefits. It is well acknowledged that practices concerning prisoners of war depend on the selected goals as well as the course of the conflict and attitude towards own warriors and subjects captured by the rival power. The fate of early medieval war-captives caught up in enemy’s hands during the clashes between Bulgaria and Byzan-tium makes no exeption.

Along with this, it looks as if there are enough things to add. For example, the exchange of prisoners of war is one of the most important features which need further specification and analyses. The impact of such a practice on the Byzantino-Bulgarian relations still is unstudied enough. Even scarce and almost totally ignored is the attention to the legal status of Byzantine subjects who were taken into captivity by Bulga-rians. In this sense, the scientific interest within the scope of metioned topics is an inseparable part of the efforts to give more density and depth of knowledge for the early medieval past of the Balkans.