On The Law For Judging The People And Of Slavery In The First Bulgarian State After The Christening



The Law for judging the people is one of the earliest Slavonic juridical texts. Authorship, time and place of its origin have been discussed for many years. While striving to relate the regarded juridical text with the situation of Great Moravia, The First Bulgarian state, or the ninth century Struma valley, scholars have focused on large variety of political, cultural, religious peculiarities and linguistic data.

The results of these researches are indisputable. At present it can be summarized that the Law for judging the people was most probably a part of the literary activities of St. Methodius (and / or close associates) in Great Moravia and was spread among the Orthodox Slavs form the late ninth century onwards. In new scholarly efforts concerning the development of medieval Bulgaria the above mentioned juridical text has still a lot to offer. Within the vast frameworks of such research field the problem of slavery in the tenth century Bulgarian society is more than a possible topic to be elaborated.  

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