Historical And Legal Genesis Of The Institute Of Suggestions, Signals, And Complaints


The article traces the historical development of the institute of suggestions, signals, complaints, and applications, because they appear as one of the most important and effective ways for the implementation and protection of the citizens’ rights, for strengthening the connection between officials and the state apparatus with the population, as well as a source of information necessary for resolving the current issues of the state governance.

The suggestions and signals are means for improvement and democratization of the work of the administration. Public control over its activities is conducted through them. They are a manifestation of civil participation in governance. This right may be used for triggering all control mechanisms for ensuring lawfully and correctly functioning administration. The substance of the right to file complaints, suggestions, and signals and the corresponding obligations for ensuring the implementation of that right is constitutionally regulated, which in itself determines the importance and the development of the institute. The civil right to file complaints was regulated back in 1879 in the Constitution of the Princedom of Bulgaria. Our purpose is to follow the development of this institute in our country.