100 Years of Administrative Jurisdiction in Bulgaria: Past, Present and Future


This article is dedicated to 100 years anniversary of the administrative jurisdiction in Bulgaria. The authors date its inception after the National liberation and foundation of the modern Bulgarian state in 1878. The new-established Supreme Court had three sections: civil, penal and administrative. The State Council fulfilled such functions between 1881 and 1883. In fact, the real Administrative Court in Bulgaria was established in 1912 after the Law of administrative jurisdiction. During the period 1915-1922 the authority of that court was restricted, but in 1934 the Supreme administrative court became an independent juridical institution.

According to the Law of organization of the juridical power in Bulgarian passed in 1948 the Administrative Court was not includes. It was not until 1970 when the new Law of administrative procedure partially restored the appeal of administrative acts. The Constitution of 1991 finally restored the Supreme Administrative Court in Bulgaria, but actually, it was constituted and began to work in 1996-1997. In conclusion, the authors underline the great significance of the administrative jurisdiction in contemporary legal life in Bulgaria

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