History of Financial Supervision


An important part of the education of contemporary jurists is studying the development of the relevant discipline in historical perspective, because this gives them a deeper and more systematized view over the specific legal discipline, an opportunity for more profound knowledge of the legal institutes and the ability to outline the tendencies in their development. Because the one who knows the past can foresee the future.

An example of one of the possibilities to use the historical approach in teaching ‘Financial law’ is our survey, which is presented here. The example is related to the possibility offered by the topic “Financial supervision” from the course design of the discipline ‘Financial law’ concerning the use of the historical approach while teaching to students of Law, by including a subtopic “History of financial supervision” in the lecture. This approach gives students the opportunity to get acquainted with the social-historical circumstances that determined the choice of one or another normative framework of a specific legal institute or of a specific social relationship.

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