Byzantine Legal Collections From The Time Of The Macedonian Dynasty (867 – 1056)



The rule of Macedonian dynasty in Byzantium is one of the most prolific in terms of the creation of legislative collections. Emperor Basil I (867-886) undertake a review of the Byzantine legislation since the time of Isaurian dynasty (717-802) or so-called „purification of law“, continued under his successors. As a result, appear Prohiros Nomos, Eysagoge (sometimes incorrectly called Epanagoge), the legislative corpus Basilica, Novels of Emperor Leo VI (886-912), Epitomè (legum). From the time of the Macedonian dynasty dates the collection of case law Peira, which is also presented here briefly. Most of them are not well known in detail and have never been translated into Bulgarian.

This publication aims to fill, albeit very modestly this gap, presenting brief comments of those Byzantine legal collections and translations of short texts from them. Thus, the reader can get a general idea of their orientation, core content and the spirit of the then legal thought.

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