Legislative Process And Sources For The History Of Bulgarian Law



The study and clarifying the issue of the sources of the history of law is essential and important, because among other things, it is directly related to the measure in the ratio History - Law, understanding and perception of the history of the Bulgarian state and law as a scholarly discipline with its own subject.

Clarifying the reasons and motives for the adoption of a law, its public, professional and parliamentary debate, taken in their versatility, depth and development, is the way to understand the content, spirit and purposes of each legislative act and its consequences. This could not happen without the knowledge, analysis and evaluation of the specific historical sources. On the other hand, this approach allows the achievement of a synthesis of historical and legal scientific knowledge.

Putting the focus on the historical relationship between the idea, its perception, reflection and reformulation by the political and professional bodies, its legislative approval and practical implementation, allows not only to reveal and explore different historical sources, but also to evaluate in most their meaning.

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