On the Captivity and Release from It in the Book XLIX. 15. of the Digest of Emperor Justinian I (527 – 565)



Not surprisingly, one can say that without attention to the captivity and slavery the studies of all pre-modern societies hardly would have achieved considerable accomplishment. Along with this, however, as regards the monitoring of aspects about the fate of the war-captives in the early Byzantine era, it looks as if there are enough things to add. The very moment of those caught up in enemy’s hands, apart from not such a large number of publications specifically concerning the problem, is usually passed by. The starting point, in an attempt to explore the issue of captives and slaves in the down of the Early Medieval epoch in the Eastern Mediterranean and its surroundings is related to the state of the source basis. Due to the nature and the long term impact of well known legal compilations in the time of Emperor Justinian I, the lavish clues in Digest XLIX.15 provide an opportunity for inflicting additional touches.